Jumaat, 30 April 2010


Leadership among youth has always been an issue in history. Differing opinions and ideas has always been cause for concern and always the younger generation with the new better ideas were seen to be radical. As radical as their ideas and actions were, desperate times calls for desperate measures. As we have seen many times throughout history the older ones, usually the ones in power, have a tendency to be satisfied with how the situation is at the current moment. While the younger generation instigates progress, and catalyzes enhancements.

The situation has not change even today. The younger generation of our community is striving towards innovativeness. Coming up with new broad and creative ideas. But more importantly, coming up with different ideas.

We should all realize by now that the new generation is going to take over, and asking us to conform to older and primitive methods and ideals is irrelevant. We are the new generation and we carry the voice of change, the voice of progress, the voice of tomorrow.

The older generation should not only listen to what we have to say but rather, refine us, teach us, and educate us, so we can after all that be better than you can ever be. The purpose is to create a stronger, better generation. And that can only be achieved if the older generation listens and teaches the younger generation. The generation of the future. Children of the future. The Advent of our children. Advent Children.

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  1. salam perjuangan..

    slogan harapan baru macam anwar je ? :))

    tetapi nampak serupa ttp hakikatnya tak sama.

    biasanya memang 'peluru' kita guna adalah 'peluru' sama yang ditembak kepada kita..

    tetapi sasaran je berbeza.

    syabas bro as a new blogger in cyberspace.

    saya yakin tulisan bro akan menjadi POJAAN RAKYAT NEGARA BAWAH DAN ATAS ANGIN



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